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Spin Rig Combo

The live-bait spin rig is one of those traditional Brainerd fishing guide techniques which has made a big comeback over the last ten years. The spin rig looks like a spinner-bait without a rubber skirt. The big difference between a standard spinner-bait and a spin rig is the arm length of the spinner, or the piece of spring steel connecting the lure's lead head to its spinner. The standard spinner-bait has a string arm which extends past the hook. The spin rig has an arm which is significantly shorter. The spin rig was created when Brainerd fishing guides shorten the length of the spring arm causing the lure to fall nearly vertical when falling with its blade spinning. Standard spin rig weights are one to two ounces. Every Brainerd fishing guide has their own personal favorites when it comes to spinner blade shapes and sizes but most would recommend large, Colorado style, hammered metal blades. The hooks on these lures are typically 3x strong. Good color combinations include white/silver, black/orange, and red/white. Most Brainerd fishing guides will tip the spin rig with a 4 to 5 inch sucker minnow but several guides have also switched to plastics in recent years. The spin rig should always be fished with a 6 to 8 inch soft wire leader.

Fishing Techniques

he spin rig is typically fished while trolling. Some Brainerd fishing guides will use their kicker motors to propel the boat while others prefer the quietness of their bow mount electrics. Fishing as vertically as possible is the key to fishing the spin rig correctly. The angle of the line to the water should be about 45 degree.

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