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Brainerd Fishing Charters

Brainerd fishing guide trips can be scheduled for different lengths of time. Royal offers the option of two, four, six, and eight hour fishing trips. These fishing trips are for groups of one to three anglers. Royal will provide all fishing equipment, tackle, and transportation. Royal fishes multiple lakes throughout the Brainerd Lakes. He can meet your group at the resort you are staying or arrange pickup at other locations.

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Brainerd Lakes

Brainerd Fishing Guide Trips include:

Royal will provide all fishing equipement; rods, reels, baits, and tackle on his fishing charter trips. Clients are required to have a Minnesota fishing license if they intend to fish. Any children under sixteen, or non-fishing spectators, are not required to have a Minnesota fishing license with a Brainerd fishing guide. The weather in Minnesota can be unpredictable at times so Royal suggests clients wear seasonal clothing on their fishing trips. This Brainerd fishing guide runs a large comfortable boat so there is plenty of room to stow an extra jacket. It is better to be safe than sorry. Snacks and beverages are optional. Don't forget to bring a camera. Royal, like many Brainerd fishing guides, actively supports catch-and-release practices when fishing for bass and northern pike.

Brainerd fishing guides provide:

  • Custom pro-staff fishing boats
  • Lowrance fishing electronics
  • St. Croix & Gloomis fishing rods
  • Custom pro-staff fishing boats
  • life jackets, raingear, dry storage
  • live bait, lures, all fishing tackle
  • Free fish cleaning and packaging
  • Cooler, ice, and bottle waters

Please bring the following:

  • Minnesota fishing license
  • Seasonal appropriate clothing
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, cap
  • Extra warm jacket (spring & fall)
  • Gloves & warm hat (spring & fall)
  • Following Items are Optional:
  • Cooler with Snacks & Beverages
  • Adult Beverages (within moderation)

Brainerd fishing guides will provide all needed equipment. This includes; boat, fishing poles, tackle, bait, transportation, gas, and fish cleaning. Please wear layers of seasonal appropriate clothing and remember to pack sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat. The fishing boats have multiple dry storage compartments. There will be plenty of room for storing an extra jacket and rain gear. Snacks and beverages are optional. The fishing guide will have a cooler with bottle waters in the boat. Adult beverages may be consumed within reason. Bring an extra cooler when planning to take fish home. Brainerd fishing guides will clean and package them for free.

Common Brainerd Fishing Guide Questions

How long are Brainerd fishing charters?
We offer 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours fishing charters in the Brainerd Lakes area. These times are based on water time. Travel time to the lake is not included if you are picked up at a hotel or travel to a different lake.

How many people can fish in one boat?
Most fishing boats will comfortably fish three clients plus the guide. Some boats can handle four to five people with advanced notice. We can also organize multiple boats for corporate groups with up to thirty people.

Where do you pick up and drop off clients?
Our home base is Breezy Point Resort's boat marina but we can arrange pickup anywhere in the Brainerd Lakes Area. We can meet you at your dock, resort, or hotel.

What happening if it rains?
The fishing guide will make the call. We don't like fishing in downpours any more than you. Fishing is about having fun, not survival. We want to see return customers. Please have a cellphone available the morning of the trip so fishing guide may contact you.

Do I need a Minnesota fishing license with a fishing guide?
Yes. A Minnesota fishing license can be purchased online with MN DNR web site, by calling1-888-MNLICEN(665-4236), or stopping at any local Brainerd bait shop. One day resident fishing licenses cost $10.00. One day non-resident licenses cost $12.00.

Are there any lakeside restaurants to stop at?
Yes. Gull Lake, North Long, and the Whitefish Chain have several nice lakeside restaurants. These provide great places to stop for a break or have a bite to eat when fishing six and eight hour trips.

What fishing gear do I need to bring?
Brainerd fishing guides will provide everything necessary for a great day of fishing. This includes all rods, reels, tackle, bait, life jackets, etc. You are welcome to bring a favorite fishing rod if you wish; however, it is not necessary.

What should I bring with me?
Please wear layers of seasonal clothing, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Minnesota fishing licenses are required for all those intending to fish. You are welcome to bring any beverages and snacks of your liking. Adult beverages are allowed within reason. Please bring an extra cooler if planning to keep fish.

Do I need a deposit and how do I make payment?
No deposit is required. Payment can be made to your Brainerd fishing guide at the end of the fishing trip. They accept check, cash, or major credit card. All fishing guides carry a Square credit card reader for your convenience.

Helpful Tips

Please have cellphone available 90 minutes before schedule time of fishing charter. Brainerd fishing guides will contact clients when weather patterns arise.

Remember to bring your wallet or purse. A Minnesota fishing license is required when fishing in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Brainerd fishing guides can take credit cards with their iPhones. The credit card must be present to make all transactions.

Summer flies are sometimes an annoyance. They only bite on ankles. Cotton socks are the cure. A Brainerd fishing guide wears socks with sandals as a comfort statement, not a fashion one. Don't forget some extra socks with sandals.

Mosquitos are not an issue on Brainerd fishing trips. They seldom venture out of the woods during daylight hours. Dragonflies gobble them up like candy in open areas. Mosquitos are nonexistent once the boat moves from shore.

Catch-and-Release Practices

Royal Karels is an avid supporter of the Catch and Release program. Big fish are old fish. And most are females. It takes a female musky 14 to 17 years to reach 30 pounds. Northern pike grow even slower. It takes years to replace a true trophy once it is removed from a lake. Many Brainerd fishing guides believe trophy female fish are too valuable to carve up into fillets or hang on walls. These fish represent the best genetic examples of their species. These genetics, in the form of future eggs, are lost when they are removed from the lake. Careful handling is required to make catch-and-release work. The following Brainerd fishing guide tips will help anglers return fish to the water safely.

Hand Release Method:

Hold onto the fish's back firmly, without over squeezing, right behind its gills. Never by the eye sockets! Remove the hooks with pliers, using the other hand, while leaving all but the fish's head in the water. Sometimes hooks can be removed with the pliers without the fish ever being touched.

Landing Net Method:

The hooks can be removed from some fish even as they remain in the net in the water. If that's not possible, lift the fish aboard and remove the hooks while the fish is held behind the head and around the tail. If you must lift a big fish from the water, support as much of its body as possible to avoid injuring its internal organs.

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