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Brainerd fishing guide trips can be scheduled for different lengths of time. Royal offers the option of four, six, and eight hour fishing trips. These fishing trips are for groups of one to three anglers. Royal will provide all fishing equipment, tackle, and transportation. Royal fishes multiple lakes throughout the Brainerd Lakes. He can meet your group at the resort you are staying or arrange pickup at other locations.


( Rates based on Catch & Release fishing with Royal Karels )
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Catch-and-Release Practices

Royal Karels is an avid supporter of the Catch and Release program. Big fish are old fish. And most are females. It takes a female musky 14 to 17 years to reach 30 pounds. Northern pike grow even slower. It takes years to replace a true trophy once it is removed from a lake. Many Brainerd fishing guides believe trophy female fish are too valuable to carve up into fillets or hang on walls. These fish represent the best genetic examples of their species. These genetics, in the form of future eggs, are lost when they are removed from the lake. Careful handling is required to make catch-and-release work. The following Brainerd fishing guide tips will help anglers return fish to the water safely.

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