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I've been fishing the Brainerd Lakes since I was five years old. My first introduction to fishing occurred when my grandparents took me up to Shirt Lake for the summer. It has been almost seventy years since that first summer. The experience was something I never forgot. Since those early days, you might say I've been hooked! I knew working as a Brianerd fishing guide was what I wanted to do.

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Royal Karels

Brainerd Fishing Guide History

I have been a Brainerd fishing guide since the early age of 10. It is hard to believe how fast time as flown but it has been well over sixty years since then. The key to being a successful fishing guide in Brainerd, Minnesota is catching fish. I have spent a lifetime studying fish, their habitats, and finding ways to make them bite. There are many things which go into the planning of a successful Brainerd fishing guide trip. Knowing what time of day, which lakes to fish, and which depths are most likely to produce fish are some of the questions a Brainerd fishing guide asks themselves' daily. The whole game is one big puzzle. Minnesota fishing is some of the best in the country. With crystal clear lakes, and a variety of lake and river sizes, Brainerd Minnesota fishing can be addicting!

Fishing Guide Tips Fishing Guide Tips Fishing Guide Tips

2016 Inductee

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Contact me if you would like to experience fishing in Brainerd, Minnesota. I would be happy to introduce you to Minnesota fishing fun! Almost ninety-five percent of our Brainerd fishing trips these days are catch-and-release, so bring your camera (although I do keep one on hand if you forget). Please remember to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and plenty of refreshments. Most people don't realize how thirsty you get out on the lake. Please bring water! We also see many women, kids and grandparents/grandkids booking Brainerd fishing guide trips. I was an elementary teacher and I always like to see how kids get excited about fishing in Minnesota. Contact me today. I will take you where the fish are biting. I know we will have a great day of fishing on the Brainerd Lakes of Minnesota

Life's Simple Pleasures

One of the things I love best about being a Brainerd fishing guide is the special connection it gives me with nature. There is nothing like that perfect day on the lake. It is unique combination of the sound of water, fresh scents of shore, taste of an ice cold drink, and sight of a well-cast line. I love seeing loons, beavers, otters, and other wildlife during the day. Sometimes we head through wild rice paddies just so people have a chance to see rare plants in its native form.

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