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Brainerd fishing guides can help you unlock the fishing secrets of the Brainerd Lakes Area. There are hundreds of great walleye, bass, pike, and crappie lakes in the region. Brainerd fishing guides are multi-species fishing experts. They know adaptability keeps their clients on fish. Learn more about fishing in Brainerd, Minnesota below.

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The Brainerd Lakes Area has over twenty excellent walleye lakes. Most Brainerd fishing guides will include Gull, Whitefish, North Long, Round, Edwards, and Pelican Lake on their list of favorite lakes. There is usually a good walleye bite from mid-May through mid-June. The trick is to know which lakes to fish and when. Walleyes become active when water temperature reach fifty degrees. The problem is all of the lakes in Brainerd, Minnesota are different so they don't warm the same. Two lakes just miles apart can have their water temperature differ by as much as ten degrees. Brainerd fishing guides start on shallow, stained, lakes in the early season and then move to deeper, clearer, lakes as the summer progresses. This trick extends the spring walleye bite to almost six weeks. Knowing how lakes warm is just one of the keys to becoming a successful walleye fishing guide in Brainerd, Minnesota. Mobility is another. The summer walleye bite usually picks up around first of second week of July and then continues through the month of August. The Whitefish Chain provides the best walleye bite in August. The fall walleye bite, depending on the year, starts in the second week in September and continues through October.

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The Brainerd Lakes has literally hundreds of lakes with healthily populations of largemouth bass. Fishermen can expect good bass fishing from early June through the month of August. The quality of the bass bite fluctuates with the lake's water temperature. Bass become almost dormant when water temperatures drop below 45 degrees. The opposite is true when the water heats up. The best bass action in the Brainerd Lakes Area occurs when water temperatures surpass eighty degrees. Reports of Brainerd fishing charters releasing 75 to 100 bass in four hours are not uncommon during these times. Top lake choices for largemouth bass fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota include; North Long, Hubert, Gull Lake, and the Whitefish Chain. Brainerd fishing guides will also fish a host of smaller lakes throughout the season. Most of these "no-name" lakes are often kept secret only to themselves. The jig/worm combo is probably the most utilized Brainerd bass fishing guide technique used in the Brainerd Lakes area. Every lake in Brainerd, Minnesota is different. They each have their own special characteristics and features. Most lakes provide a wide variety of fishing options. Whether it is docks, reeds, slop, and deep weed line fishing you are after; there is always a Brainerd bass fishing lake custom suited for your needs.

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The best northern pike fishing in the Brainerd Lakes Area occurs in the months of July and August. Brainerd, MN fishing guides will catch many of the season's largest northern pike during these months. The Whitefish Chain, Gull Lake, and North Long Lake are several of the best northern pike lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Area. These lakes have healthy populations of deep water forage like tullibees, ciscoes, and whitefish. These oily baitfish species allow northern pike to grow faster than Minnesota state averages. Learning how to fish big water is one of the keys to consistently catching larger northern pike in Brainerd, Minnesota. Deep water points which drop quickly to main lake basin areas are good structures. The best ones extend well past the thermocline. Key water depths are 25 to 40 feet of water. Large northern pike will use these spots to ambush schools of baitfish. Vertical presentations are effect when fishing these locations. The spin-rig is a favorite with fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. Most of the big pike will move shallow in September. The last remaining green, healthy, cabbage weeds of the season become key locations during this time of the year.

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Brainerd fishing guides love to target spring crappies. The Brainerd Lakes has excellent crappie fishing from ice out, usually about mid-April, until the second week of June. Several of the most popular crappie fishing lakes include; Sylvan, Hubert, North Long, Edwards, and Gull Lake. The key to early season crappie fishing is finding locations which warm up the quickest. Brainerd fishing guides will search for dark, soft bottom, muddy areas during this period. Water temperatures can be almost twenty degrees warmer in these locations. The summer crappie fishing in Brainerd, Minnesota is limited to the first 90 minutes of sunlight and the last 45 minutes at dusk. Most fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota choose to target other fish species in the summer for this reason. The crappie fishing will pick up again in mid-September and continue until ice up.

Brainerd, Minnesota offers excellent fishing for walleye, bass, crappie, and northern pike to visiting anglers. The region has over 400 lakes. The Brainerd fishing guides are on the water 100+ days each season. Known for their great personalities, keen fishing skills, and patient attitudes; there simply isn't a more dedicated group of professional fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota.

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