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Brainerd Fishing Guide Tips

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Gull Lake is a popular destination for Brainerd fishing guides. The Gull Lake Chain is a long and narrow body of water. The lake covers 9764 acres and is almost 9 miles in length. Gull Lake's numerous bays and points provide sheltered areas to fish in all but the windiest of conditions. The Gull Lake Chain is known for walleye fishing but it also has excellent populations of bass, pike, sunfish, and crappie present in the lake. Learn seasonal Gull Lake walleye fishing tips below.

Walleye Fishing Guide Tips

Spring Walleye Fishing Guide

The northern end of Gull Lake provides the best walleye fishing options for the Minnesota Walleye Opener in mid-May. Brainerd fishing guides will target large, shallow water, sandy flats close to known walleye spawning areas then. Several of Gull Lake's best early season walleye structures include; Grassy, Cobins, and Hayfield. These are favorite walleye locations for Brainerd fishing guides. Walleyes will move onto these structures to feed once they have recovered from their spawning activities. Key water depths are 6 to 12 feet. The best locations will be depressions in sandy bottom areas surrounded by newly emerging cabbage. These are Brainerd fishing guide hot spots.

Bass Fishing Guide Tips

Summer Walleye Fishing Guide

The main lake sections of Gull Lake are a maze of underwater saddles, humps, and points. Summer winds will blow plankton, biomass, and baitfish populations throughout the lake. The walleyes must follow if they wish to eat. Brainerd fishing guides will monitor wind direction and its duration to help them identify likely walleye holding structures in the summer. The following flats; Bowtie Bar, Brassier, and Squaw Point Flats, are some of the most consistent producers for fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. There are multiple techniques like trolling, rigging, and jigging to catch walleye throughout the summer. Learn more Brainerd fishing guide tips below.

Pike Fishing Guide Tips

Fall Walleye Fishing Guide

The Rock Pile is a favorite fishing spot for Brainerd fishing guides in the fall. This large structure is located in the middle of Gull Lake and is clearly marked with hazard buoys. The bottom drops from 3 feet to 45 feet in a very short distance at this location. Gull Lake walleyes will use steep breaks to ambush spawning ciscoes in the fall. The largest walleyes will command the best locations. Brainerd fishing guides learn over the years which structures produce the largest walleyes. This is often referred to as fishing the spot on the spot. Wind plays a large factor into exact walleye location this time of year. The best trophy walleye spots will usually have a steady wind blowing into them.

Crappie Fishing Guide Tips

Winter Walleye Guide

First ice usually comes in mid-to-late December on the Gull Lake Chain. The lake is always one of the last lakes to freeze over in the Brainerd Lakes Area. The biggest issue for Brainerd fishing guides is the questionable quality of the ice in December. The lake has a good current flow which passes through the entire lake. There are also several tributaries which enter Gull Lake from the north end. First ice walleye fishing on Gull Lake sometimes comes down to fishing the safest spots to reach given the current ice conditions. The northeast end of the lake usually offers the safest access on any given year. The first break on major shoreline structures are key walleye locations.

The Brainerd Lakes Area has over 400 lakes. The region offers excellent fishing for walleye, bass, crappie, and northern pike to visiting anglers. Brainerd fishing guides provide fishing charters on most lakes in the area. Known for their great personalities, keen fishing skills, and patient attitudes; there simply isn't a more dedicated group of professional fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota.

Brainerd MN Fishing Guide Tips

Learn more Brainerd fishing guide tips for walleye, bass, crappie, and northern pike.

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