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The Gull Lake Chain is a favorite destination for Brainerd fishing guides. The lake's habitat is prefect for growing walleyes. The Lake is a maze of underwater points, sunken islands, and deep water saddles. Small perch represent the bulk of the lake's shallow water food supply while ciscoes account for much of its deep water forage. All these factors allow Gull Lake walleyes to grow faster than Minnesota state averages. They also allow the walleyes to feed in a variety of locations. Walleyes will sweep into an area, eat all the available forage, and then move on. This nomadic nature frustrates weekend anglers and Brainerd fishing guides alike. Learn seasonal Gull Lake walleye locations from fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota by clicking the pictures below.

Gull Lake Walleye Fishing Tips

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The large size of Gull Lake can be intimidating to first-time visitors. The trick is to break up the lake into fishable sections. Brainerd fishing guides will use seasonal trends to rule out large sections of the lake. This allows them to fish the lake more effectively. Most Brainerd fishing charters are only four hours. That's not much time for exploring. Years of experience have that taught fishing guides which structures are the most productive during different times of the year. This makes them much more effective at finding Minnesota's most sought after fish. The Brainerd Lakes Area has a rich fishing tradition. Many of today's standard walleye techniques were first invented on Gull Lake by Brainerd fishing guides.

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