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Gull Lake bass will start to move deeper as the sun's elevation increases in the spring. Backside edges of weed beds are key locations in these transitions. Bass take advantage of the abundant food supply these spots provide.Brainerd fishing guides quickly learn to follow seasonal bass migrations to keep their clients on fish throughout the summer. The sun starts low on the horizon each spring in the Brainerd Lakes area but its elevation quickly climbs as summer approaches. The increased sunlight affects the bass and their location on Gull Lake. The additional sunlight pushes bass deeper and Minnesota fishing charter guides must follow.

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Nisswa Fishing Guide: Spring Bass

My favorite spring bait is a seven inch red shad colored power worm threaded on a lime green colored 5/32 oz. jig with a 3x stout hook. Keep the boat in the cabbage with the trolling motor while casting to the shallower edge. Pitch the bait pass the weed edge and let it settle slowly to the bottom. Work the worm slowly, almost dragging it, back towards the boat. Don't be afraid to let it set on the bottom from time to time. Most strikes occur when the worm enters the weed growth. Set the hook hard and get the fish headed to the surface. Do not let the bass bulldog its way into the weeds. Life is good!

Summer Bass Fishing Guide

Summer Largemouth Bass

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Cover and shade now become more important to bass.Key spring locations are the backside edges of large cabbage bed flats. Cabbage weeds are susceptible to sunlight and quickly wither in water depths less than three feet. This creates a distinctive edge on the shallow side, or backside, of weed beds. These edges are excellent ambush spots for bass. Brainerd fishing guides utilize several techniques to catch largemouth bass in these situations. The downside is that this pattern only works for few weeks. The backside weed bite is great but do not fish memories. The bass are either relating to these locations or they are long gone.

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