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The bass fishing starts to heat up when water temperatures rise past eighty degrees on Gull Lake. Catching 30 to 40 bass is common on half day Gull Lake fishing charters. The best action happens far away from the shoreline in the summer. The best bass fishing occurs when water temperatures break eighty degrees. The warm water environment pushes bass metabolism their highest rates of the season. Summer bass fishing provides consistent action for Brainerd fishing guides. This period usually starts in the middle of July and runs through the third week in August. Fishing clients can expect catch rates of 30 to 40 bass per boat on 1/2 guide day trips. This is Brainerd, Minnesota bass fishing at its finest.

Summer Gull Lake Spots

Summer Spots

Brainerd Fishing Guide: Summer Bass

Crank-baits are tough to beat when the water temperatures heat up on Gull Lake. Every Brainerd guide has their favorites but mine are crank-baits with a tight wobble that dive 4 to 6 feet. Largemouth bass have their highest metabolism rate of the summer. It allows them to chase even the fastest baits. This allows Brainerd fishing guides the opportunity to cover large sections of the flat quickly. Position the boat on the outer edge of the weeds while casting shallow. Burn the crank bait back to the boat. Don't be afraid to pause from time to time to let the bait suspend. Hold on tight. The strikes are vicious this time of year..

Summer Bass Fishing Guide

Summer Bass

Nisswa Fishing Guide Locations

Getting away from the heavy boat traffic and other Brainerd fishing guides is one of the keys to catching good bass numbers of Gull Lake. Several of the southern bays, like Wilson Bay, are relatively close to some of Brainerd's largest resorts and therefor receive the most fishing pressure from local bass fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. The main lake weed flats are excellent bass fishing spots in the summer. These flats are further away from these resorts and receive less fishing pressure. The big weed flat north of Gull Point is a great place to start. The flat has several holes and major points. These are prime bass locations in the summer. Search the flat for good stands of cabbage weeds. The best time for searching for good stands of weeds in these locations is on calm weather days. A few well-placed GPS coordinates pay big divides for fishing guides when waves obscure weed beds on windy days.

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Pre-Season Spots

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Spring Spots

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Fall Spots

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