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The bass will move shallow when water temperatures start to drop in September. The ability to follow seasonal migrations is one of the keys to bass fishing. Gull Lake fishing guides can help anglers take the guess work out of fishing in Brainerd, MN.

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Fall Spots

Brainerd Fishing Guide: Fall Bass

Gull Lake has claimed its share of trucks from tourists and fishing guides over the years. One of the members of the Nisswa Guide League dropped his pickup into the lake in the early 2000s. The west side of the lake is the most dangerous. Current areas on Gull Lake's northern, western, and southern shores have accounted for most of these mishaps. Most fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota will tell you there is no fish worth dying for. The east side of Gull Lake presents one of the safest routes for catching the first ice walleyes on Gull Lake in Nisswa Minnesota. Brainerd fishing guides know being portable is one of the keys to success. Packing light is essential when fishing in early ice conditions. A portable house, hand auger, and a depth finder are all that is needed. This is not the time to bring the kitchen sink. The walkout to the first break on Polk's Flat is about a 1/4 mile. The best bite occurs right at sundown.

Fall Bass Fishing Guide

Fall Bass

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Polk's Flat is an excellent choice for targeting Gull Lake walleyes during first ice conditions. The flat is located on the northeastern side of Gull Lake. There is public access nearby and Highway 371 provides easy access. Many anglers will park along a frontage road near Hole-in-the-Day Bay and walk out from there.

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