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Royal Karels is a fisherman's fisherman. Only a few fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota have ever achieved his legendary status. Royal was one of the original members of the famous Nisswa Guide League. He fished side by side with Brainerd fishing guide legends; Al Linder, Ron Linder, Marv Koep, and Gary Roach at the start of Minnesota fishing innovation. Royal organized some of the first fishing classes in the state of Minnesota in the early '70s. This Brainerd fishing guide is truly a legend.

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Royal Karels

Minnesota Fishing Hall Inductee

Royal is one of the oldest, still active, fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. He started fishing the Brainerd Lakes at the age of five. An original member of the Nisswa Guides League; Royal worked with other legendary Brainerd fishing guides like; Al Linder, Gary Roach, and Marv Koep. Multiple publications have featured Royal over the years including; "Minnesota Explorer", "Legends & Legacies", and Joe Fellegy's classic "Minnesota Fishing Guide Stories". Royal was instrumental in creating the first fishing classes for elementary students in Minnesota and also taught Brainerd community education fishing classes for adults for many years. Few Brainerd fishing guides have given back so much to their sport. Royal was inducted into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame in 2016 for his numerous contributions to the sport of fishing. Royal still gives fishing guide seminars at several Brainerd resorts.

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2016 Inductee

Legendary Nisswa Fishing Guide

Royal is a multi-species fishing guide whose specialty is catching bass. He is an excellent Brainerd fishing guide for those individuals simply looking to catch fish. Royal will occasionally fish for walleye when conditions are right but prefers to chase bass most of the season. Fifty+ years of working as a fishing guide in Brainerd, MN has taught him most clients just want to catch fish. Royal is an excellent choice for crappie and northern too. This legendary Brainerd fishing guide knows how to keep his client's fishing poles bent. Spring, summer, winter, and fall; Royal will be fishing in the Brainerd Lakes. He fishes over forty lakes in the area. His favorites include; Gull Lake, North Long, Hubert, Mille Lacs, and several others only known as Secret Lake #1, #2, etc. Royal is constantly searching for the next hot bite to keep clients on fish. A skill this Brainerd fishing guide has spent several decades to prefect.


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There are many great fishing lakes in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Royal has several decades of fishing experience on most of them. Royal runs full-service fishing charters in Brainerd, Minnesota throughout the open water fishing season. All needed fishing equipment; tackle, lures, and transportation are included with his Brainerd fishing charters. Brainerd fishing guides can pick you up at most locations; a hotel, docks, resorts, in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Give Royal a call. It is time to experience Brainerd Lakes' fishing at its finest. Royal is truly one of the legendary fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota.

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Royal Karels is a strong advocate of catch-and-release fishing. His many years of working as a Brainerd fishing guide have taught him the importance of protecting valuable Minnesota fishing resources. While all fishing guides in Brainerd, MN have a favorite species of fish to catch; Royal's favorite is Largemouth bass. Bass are a hardy fish and handle catch-n-release fishing extremely well. All fish should be unhooked quickly and returned to the water when releasing fish. Prolonged periods without water will quickly cause damage to fish eyes and gills. Most Brainerd guides will have you hold the fish horizontal while taking pictures. Holding large fish vertical puts undue pressure on a fish's jaw and internal organs. Some fishing guides will also utilize a fish jaw grabber when taking pictures. This tool holds the jaw of the fish firmly and reduces the chance of the fish being dropped. Brainerd fishing guides are strong advocates of selective harvest when keeping fish. Most fishing guides in Brainerd, MN instruct clients to keep the smaller, younger, males when harvesting fish. The larger fish are typically females and best serve the resource by remaining in the water. The Brainerd Lakes Area is a unique region of Minnesota. Few places exist with more lakes, rivers, and water. This is also one of the reasons why so many legendary Minnesota fishing guides live here.

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