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Royal Karels is an avid supporter of Catch, Photo, and Release fishing charters in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Royal was one of the first Nisswa fishing guides to recognize the importance of conservation and its role in Minnesota sport fishing. Brainerd fishing guides have always been known for their ability to catch fish. This skillset also requires a bit of responsibility from fishing guides. Without selective harvest, Brainerd fishing guides could soon deplete the natural resource they depended on to earn a living. Royal was one of the first fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota to incorporate this conservation-minded style of fishing into all of his Brainerd fishing charters. Royal has been practicing CPR fishing for decades. He is truly one of the pioneers of this style of fishing. It is also one of the reasons why Royal was inducted into the Minnesota fishing hall of fame. This is the highest honor a Brainerd fishing guide can ever achieve. Only a handful of fishing guides in Minnesota ever receive this honor.

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Gone are the days when Brainerd fishing guides measured the success of their fishing charter only by the number of fish they harvested. The future of Brainerd fishing charters depends on selective harvest and CPR fishing. It typically takes a female musky 14 to 17 years to reach 30 pounds. Northern pike grows even slower. It takes years to replace a true trophy once it is removed from a lake. Thanks to Royal's efforts, most Brainerd fishing guides now believe trophy female fish are too valuable to carve up into fillets or hang on someone's wall. Trophy female fish represent the best genetic examples of their species. These genetics, in the form of future eggs, are lost when these trophy fish are removed from the lake. Most fishing guides in Brainerd, MN will offer clients the opportunity to mount trophy fish with a replacement replica instead of the actual fish. The replica is similar in cost, doesn't kill the fish, and looks good years after an actual mounted fish starts to fade.

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The future of fishing in Brainerd Minnesota is depended on CPR fishing. The careful handling of fish is required to make this style of catch-and-release fishing work. The following Brainerd fishing guide tips will help anglers return fish to the water safely. Most fishing guides typically hold onto the fish's back firmly, right behind its gills, without over squeezing the fish. They never hold a fish by its eye sockets. This will blind the fish. It is one of the cruelest things you can do to a fish. Most fishing guides can attest to this. Then use the other hand, remove the hooks with pliers, while leaving all but the fish's head in the water. Sometimes hooks can be removed with the pliers without the fish ever being touched. Sometimes the hooks can be removed from some fish even as they remain in the net in the water. Most seasoned Brainerd fishing guides prefer this method. If that's not possible, lift the fish aboard and remove the hooks while the fish is held behind the head and around the tail.

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