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Summer walleye locations are related to forage in Brainerd, Minnesota. Walleyes move in, eat everything available, and move on. Brainerd fishing guides spend years learning these patterns. Perch are an important summer food source for Gull Lake walleyes. Consistent winds will concentrate them on windblown structures. Brainerd fishing guides will monitor wind direction and duration to help locate summer Gull Lake walleyes.

Walleye Fishing Guide Tips

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Gull Lake Fishing Guide:
Summer Walleye Fishing

Thick cabbage weeds provide excellent walleye cover in the summer. Walleyes will seldom venture outside unless food becomes scarce. The exception occurs when perch become pushed onto windblown structures. Brainerd fishing guides will look for these situations. Windblown structures create walleye feeding opportunities. Brainerd walleye fishing guides monitor wind patterns for this reason. Key locations are inside and outside corners of windblown structures. Brainerd fishing guides typically locate walleye schools with electronics before stopping to fish. Always watch the depth finder closely on sunny days. One or two fish give up an entire school of walleye in these conditions.

Summer Walleye Fishing Guide

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Brainerd Fishing Guide:
Live Bait Rigging

The Lindy Rig, a technique invented by fishing guides in Brainerd Minnesota, is an effective tool for summer walleye. A sliding sinker, swivel, and hook create the rig. The swivel keeps the sinker from touching the hook. Most Brainerd fishing guides place the swivel 30 to 40 inches above the hook. The rig allows minnows to swim freely and slack line when a walleye strikes. Every Brainerd fishing guide has a favorite method to set the hook but most fishing guides will advise anglers to drop the rod tip when a bite is first detected, count slowly to three, and then sweep up the fishing pole.

Brainerd Minnesota Fishing Guide Tips

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