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The Brainerd Lakes Area has excellent walleye fishing from first ice through mid January. The location of first ice walleyes always depends when the first safe ice finally arrives. The key to consistently catching walleye throughout the winter is mobility. Our Brainerd fishing guides utilize several techniques to keep on fish throughout the season.

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The best ice fishing occurs when there's good ice in early December. The fish are still feeding well and there hasn't been any sub-zero temperatures yet. Key locations are the first drop off near major underwater points. Search out locations that have a "stairway" type of structure from deep to shallow water. Hungry schools of eyes will use these locations to migrate into the shallow water to feed as the sun starts to set. Be careful, first ice always has a habit of claiming a few ATV's, or maybe even a truck, each year in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Play it safe. Give us a call. Our Brainerd fishing guides are on the "ice" almost every day during the hard water ice fishing season.

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The best technique is to locate potential fishing locations early in the afternoon and then drill several holes along the break lines. The walleyes have a tendency to move shallow as the evening approaches. Start fishing in the deeper holes in late afternoon and be prepared to move shallower as the sun starts to set. The best bite sometimes only lasts 40 to 50 minutes on some evenings. A Vexilar is an effective tool for locating walleyes in these type of conditions.

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