Spring Brainerd Walleye Fishing Guide Tips

Spring Walleye Fishing Tips

The Minnesota Walleye Opener is an exciting time for Brainerd fishing guides. The ice is finally gone and the Gull Lake walleye fishing charters will be starting soon. The local bait shops in Brainerd, Minnesota are alive with excitement. The conversations of Brainerd fishing guides revolve around new boats and walleye fishing. Many variables can affect the spring walleye bite in Brainerd, MN. One of the most is the timing of the spawn.

Walleye Fishing Guide Tips

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Gull Lake Fishing Guide:
Spring Walleye Fishing

Large shallow water points, near known walleye spawning areas, are great post spawn locations for walleyes in Brainerd, Minnesota. The best points on Gull Lake extend several hundred yards into the lake. Small depressions, or holes, located on the top of these structures can be productive. The best holes have sandy bottoms with cabbage weeds nearby. These are Gull Lake fishing guide hotspots. Cabbage weeds have broad, bright green, crisp leaves. Brainerd fishing guides will call it lettuce, or salad, for this reason. Spot-tail shiners spawn in these locations. Hungry post spawn walleyes soon follow. Brainerd fishing guides catch many spring walleyes from these hotspots. A 1/8 oz. jig tipped with a spot tail shine is a deadly combination for catching post spawn walleyes in Brainerd, MN.

Spring Walleye Fishing Guide

Gull Lake Walleye

Brainerd Fishing Guide:
Jig & Minnow Combo

Most Brainerd fishing guides will pitch a jig for post spawn walleyes. The best jigs are 1/8oz with 3x long shanked hooks. Good colors are green, blue, and chartreuse. Tip the jig with a 3 to 4 inch spot tail shiner by passing the hook through the minnow's mouth, out its gill, and then up through the body. The hook should come out by the minnow's dorsal fin. Pitch the jig out and let it settle to the bottom. Then drag it slowly back to the boat, stopping periodically to let it rest on the bottom. Most Brainerd fishing guides will have every angler try a different tempo until one produces best. Hesitate for a moment when a bite is detected and then set the hook with a long sweep of the fishing pole.

Brainerd MN Fishing Guide Tips

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