Spring Brainerd Walleye Fishing Guide

Brainerd Walleye Fishing Guide

The Minnesota walleye season is closed during the months of March and April so the fish can spawn. It opens again on the second Saturday of May. Gull Lake typically has a good walleye bite on this weekend. Brainerd fishing guides will target shallow underwater structures which are close to current areas during this period. Some of the best locations on Gull Lake are found on the northern end of the lake.

Spring Gull Lake Walleye Fishing

Gull Lake walleyes spawn near current areas around mid-April. Walleyes will start to drop their eggs when the water temperatures reach 43 degrees. It takes the fish two weeks to recover from this process. Brainerd fishing guides call this time period post spawn. The walleye will move to the edges of shallow water flats to feed once they have recovered from the spawn. Most walleyes, depending on ice out, will have recovered by the time the Minnesota walleye season opens. The northern end of Gull Lake is usually more productive on opening weekend. The Gull River flows into the lake on this end and its current attracts many walleyes. One of the better Brainerd fishing guide spots for early spring is located near the county road 77 bridge on the far north end of the lake.

Spring Walleye Fishing Guide

Spring Walleye

Brainerd Fishing Guide Locations

The river bed has deep two holes in this location. The first hole is located just north the bridge and the other one is south. Both holes are 20+ feet deep. These spots are favorites for both locals and fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. The DNR built a public fishing pier on the southern side of the bridge in the early 2000's. The fishing pier has been a hit with Brainerd Lakes Area visitors ever since. The fishing pier offers Brainerd tourist an excellent chance to fish for walleye on Gull Lake without the use of a boat.

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