Fall Brainerd Walleye Fishing Guide

Brainerd Walleye Fishing Guide

Brainerd fishing guides know fall walleye fishing typically means big fish. Gull Lake is no exception. This is one of the most productive time periods for walleye fishing on Gull Lake. Brainerd fishing guides will usually catch their biggest fish of the season during the months of September and October. The weather may be a bit cooler but the solid bite and the chance of catching a trophy is well worth it.

Fall Gull Lake Spots

Fall Spots

Fall Gull Lake Walleye Fishing

Stone boathouse and the Rock Pile are two productive walleye spots for Brainerd fishing guides in the fall. Key locations have steep breaks which transition from 20 to 50 feet of water in a short distance. These sharp breaks, or drop offs, allow Ciscoes to move quickly from the main lake basin into the shallows to spawn. Most people do not realize that Ciscoes, like trout, spawn in the fall. Hungry schools of walleyes will use these stairway routes to ambush the schools of Ciscoes migrating back and forth from the shallows to spawn. The largest walleyes will command the best ambush locations along these migration paths. These spots are usually small saddles, shelves, or boulders; the perfect locations to hide and wait for your next meal to swim by. These are Brainerd fishing guide hotspots.

Fall Walleye Fishing Guide

Fall Walleye

Brainerd Fishing Guide Locations

Brainerd fishing guides know the importance of ciscoes in the fall. These fish are like little sticks of margarine with fins. Gull Lake walleye love them. Finding the places where ciscoes spawn is essential in the fall. The largest walleyes will command the best ambush spots. Brainerd fishing guides will target these locations. The weather conditions might be unpredictable in the fall but the rewards are worth it. The abundant schools of yellow perch, the primary forage of Gull Lake walleyes, have usually greatly reduced by the time. The Ciscoes become the primary forage of the hungry schools of walleye still trapped in warm water.

Gull Lake Fishing Guide Tips

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