Summer Brainerd Walleye Fishing Guide

Brainerd Walleye Fishing Guide

Summer is a wonderful time to be fishing walleyes. The weather is stable, the water is warm, and the sun is usually shining. Brainerd fishing guides are extremely busy at this time. The walleye bite on Gull Lake can be spotty during this period. It all depends on the amount of available forage in the lake. Fishing guides have to be flexible to stay on active fish.

Summer Gull Lake Walleye Fishing

Summer walleye fishing on Gull Lake is search time. It can be frustrating for both tourists and seasoned Brainerd fishing guides alike, but the rewards are worth it. The main lake structures on Gull Lake, especially when windblown for several days, are the best walleye fishing spots. The following structures; Grassy, Dutchman, and Hayfield are productive locations for Brainerd fishing guides. Wind is an important tool for finding fish. A steady breeze will push biomass, (plankton, insects, etc.) onto these flats and the baitfish will follow. Walleye relate heavily to the presence of forage. Put enough food on the table and the walleyes will eventually come to diner. Brainerd fishing guides will search the windblown edges of structure with their electronics. Feeding fish will often move outside the weeds and expose the rest of the school.

Summer Walleye Fishing Guide

Summer Walleye

Brainerd Fishing Guide Locations

Brainerd fishing guides typically won't fish where walleyes can't be seen on the depth finder. Fishing old memories is a waste of time. The exception occurs when a fishing guide knows walleyes were using an area yesterday. Otherwise the time would be better used searching for new schools of fish. The summer walleye bite is always slower when small perch numbers are high. Brainerd fishing guides will sometimes opt to fish other lakes when this happens. The depth finder is the most important tool in the boat at this time. There is no reason to stay on Gull Lake when the walleyes aren't showing up outside the weeds.

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